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  • Unshakable Heart (EP)

    Release date: May 25, 2018

    The debut EP from Mark Lee, recorded at The Rockporium in Canton, Georgia. Produced by Scotty Wilbanks

    Hurt Road

    Sometimes a moment hits you like a sucker punch

    Life is too fast to get out of the way

    Sometimes it feels like you're frozen in the headlights

    Hopes and dreams scattered over the place


    Tried to get up, got some news that knocked me down

    Knew that life would never be the same

    It was a good year, of holding tight and letting go

    I can't believe it's all been taken away


    Goodbye, happily ever after, place you up on the shelf

    Or could my wishes and my ambitions lead me to somewhere else?


    Lord, I know that the dreams you have are greater than all of my little plans

    So I'll keep walking on Hurt Road


    Life is crazy when you're busy living it

    Looking back you see it's part of his plan

    Capture moments like fireflies in a jar

    The perfect ending is out of your hands


    I've never walked alone

    I'm thankful for Hurt Road


    Glorious One

    When my heart is heavy, surrounded by grey clouds

    I lift my voice to heaven and call your name out loud

    You find me in the shadows, Your mercy touches me

    The flame of love eternal is a mystery


    You're the glorious one, rising like the morning sun

    You're the glorious one, brighter than the stars in the sky

    You fill me wonder, you flood me with light

    You're the fire that burns in the night

    You're the glorious one, rising like the morning sun


    When my soul is aching, and cold rain pouring down

    When the ground is shaking, there's thunder all around

    You reach into the darkness with holiness and truth

    I'm resting in your presence, I worship you


    Rising like the sun (flame of love eternal)

    Rising like the sun (You're a mystery)

    Unshakable Heart

    Right here in this moment, I want to share with you

    There are words of wisdom that will always lead you through

    Someday you will wander, and maybe lose your way

    You might lose your footing but you'll never lose your faith


    And the rain will fall, and the storm will start

    But I know nothing will break it apart, your unshakable heart


    Built on a foundation, solid like a stone

    The promises you're standing on, will always lead you home


    And I know there are times I can't be with you

    You'll be tempted by the easy road to take

    Just keep holding on to the One who

    Makes a way when there's no way

    Do Not Be Afraid

    Here I stand at the edge of the unknown

    The road ahead is overwhelming

    I wonder is it too late to turn around


    All my life you have led me, you have shown

    You have spoken, you're never silent

    Lord, I hear you speaking to me now


    Do not be afraid

    There is no fear in love

    Don't let your heart be troubled

    Cast your cares on the Lord above

    And do not be afraid anymore


    One day we'll get through this wilderness

    We will stand in the land of promise

    I pray that we never forget your words of life


    Sometimes when the wind starts blowing

    Waves are crashing, my heart starts going

    You remind me to keep my faith

    To keep my eyes on you

    When the Rain Comes

    When the rain comes it seems that everyone has gone away

    When the night falls you wonder if you shouldn't find some place

    To run and hide, escape the pain

    But hiding's such a lonely thing to do


    I can't stop the rain from falling down on you again

    I can't stop the rain, but I will hold you 'til it goes away


    When the rain comes you blame it on the things that you have done

    When the storm fades you know that rain must fall on everyone

    So rest awhile, it'll be alright

    And no one loves you like I do

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