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    STOP LISTENING TO COVER SONGS Weezer is one of my all time favorite bands. A couple weeks ago, they released a surprise new album. Many of their die hard fans just about took to celebrating in the streets because of the news. I, on the other hand, met the album’s release with a roll of the eyes...
    February 12, 2019
    Laughter Through Tears Steel Magnolias is easily one of my favorite movies. Which is a little out of character for me to say, because it’s a really sad film. I usually don’t go for sad movies - I usually prefer to see things blowing up onscreen. Or at least films that make me laugh a lot. But...
    Maybe It’s Time for an Inventory I worked in retail in a previous life. About this time of year, they used to do an inventory. Nowadays, with computer technology and such, I’m sure there is a nifty 21st century workaround. There’s probably an app for it. But back then, there was only one way to...
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